VDS 2020
VDS configurations are updated,
1 & 2 Gbps unmetered uplink and NVMe storage up to 640 GB are available.
Servers in France, Canada, USA, Netherlands and Moldova.

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Our domain privacy feature hides all contact information available through a publicly-accessible database called WhoIs.
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Virtual Hosting

Perfect for new websites or already established websites with moderate needs. Easily host a handful of websites using one shared hosting plan.

Virtual Private Hosting

A VDS hosting environment is created by taking a full server and dividing it into multiple, smaller segments called virtual dedicated servers. Each virtual dedicated server (VDS) segment behaves much like a dedicated server.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers provide numerous benefits to your business. Whether you run a resource-intensive ecommerce web site or require extra security for your web projects – dedicated server is the solution.

Cloud Server

Cloud Servers brings the power and high availability of the cloud to the dedicated server model. Just like a dedicated server, your Cloud Server provides total access for you to run anything you want on a fault tolerant platform.

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